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How DSL Works

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) provides high-speed digital modem technology via a conventional telephone line.

DSL uses signal frequencies above those used by voice or fax, so the DSL signal does not interfere with telephone conversations or faxes. When a DSL filter is connected to your phone jack, its function is to split the data (Internet) traffic from voice (phone) traffic, and route them separately.

Voice traffic (talking on the phone and fax signals) goes to the phone or the fax machine, while your data traffic (surfing the Web, downloading large files or photos) goes through the DSL modem and then to your computer, thus allowing you to use both at the same time.

Verizon Online DSL is an affordable, high-speed Internet connection. Click here to see if Verizon Online DSL is available in your area.


.: DSL Packages
  Featured Standard Plan Price & Setup Fee
Click here to learn more about Verizon Online DSL You get more than a fast connection! All packages include:
6 months FREE on select plans on Verizon high speed internet
FREE wireless router with 3 Mbps or higher speeds
FREE shipping and activation on select plans
• Unlimited DSL Internet Access
30-day money-back guarantee
9 email accounts
• 24/7 Live Customer Support
10 MB for your own Web page
• Access to online entertainment
Exclusive member discounts
Three-step self-installation kit
Option to add premium services

Verizon.com *****

6 months Month FREE,

As low as $19.99 /mon

with Verizon home phone service

(Up to 768 kbps)
Higer plan available, visit Verizon

Verizon.com Special Offers  

A Special Limited Time Offer:
Get your first 3 months for $21.95 per month!
Sign up now and also get FREE Activation and Equipment!
• Surf and talk on the phone at the same time

• Up to 50 times faster

• Award winning customer support

• "Always on" connection

• Free ZoneAlarm personal firewall software

• Unlimited Internet Access 24x7

Earthlink.net ****

$21.95/month for 3 months

($49.95/month thereafter)
Setup: Free

Reliable High-speed surfing† with NO additional equipment and NO waiting
• Easy to use e-mail

• Instant messaging compatibility with popular programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger
Personalized start page with news, channels, shopping and more

NetZero.net ****

$14.95 a month!
Tel 3 Unified Long Distance- 50 Free Minutes: Content Link

• Tel3 is a caller-id recognition long distance program that lets users register all their home and cell phones to one long distance account.

• Once registered users can save on long distance calling from any phone without using a PIN or switching carriers. Users dial the toll free access number and the Tel3 system recognizes their balance.

• Tel3 domestic rates are as low as 2.9c per min and they have the best international rates in the industry. Users can also use the service from unregistered numbers (hotel/payphones) by using their phone numbers as an account number if prompted to do so. Tel3's usability, low rates and unbeatable promotions are resulting in satisfied consumers.

Tel3.com  ****

50 Free Minutes

on Tel 3 Long Distance

as low as 2.9 cents

High-Speed Internet! 1st Month FREE, 2nd & 3rd months $29.95 each! - Verizon Online DSL
Get your first month FREE and second and third months for only $29.95 each! (only $34.95 thereafter) Limited time offer - sign up today!
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Getconnected.com ****


Other plan Varies
Setup: Free

DIRECTV by Rapid Satellite We feature DIRECTV Satellite TV Systems... from the basic DIRECTV Systems to those with TiVO and HDTV. Browse our Satellite Resource Center to find answers to all of your Satellite TV questions. Learn about satellite dishes, programming, installation, and multi-room systems. Select the best Satellite TV System for your needs. Excellent offers are available for both single and multi- room DIRECTV, HDTV and TiVo Satellite TV systems. In addition to low prices, many offers include FREE installation and equipment.

RapidSatellite.com ***

Special deal! 4 months free
Setup: See web site

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DSL vs. Cable




• DSL is a dedicated connection between your computer and the DSL Provider Central office. With DSL, there is no sharing bandwidth with your neighborhood.

• Cable modems offer service over a shared cable.

 Verizon Online DSL: Super High-Speed Internet Access - Click here to find out more

Get a dedicated connection from your home to the DSL provider central office.


Use the same phone line for phone/fax and high-speed Internet. Yes No
Pay for high-speed Internet access on your monthly phone bill. Yes No
Access your DSL from any room in your home with a phone jack. Yes No
Share data & internet between computers and networks (PCI network card required) Yes Yes
Wireless function between networks and computers (wireless router & PCI card required) Yes Yes


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Website Source Host 4 domains, 500 Megabytes Storage, 500 Pop E-Mails, 10 Gigabytes Data Transfer, website builder, marketing control panel, and more premium plans. 30 day money back guarantee.

WebsiteSource.com *****

Setup: $20.00
Hosted by WRC (UK) 25 MB Hosting, 25 Pop E-Mails, Private CGI-BIN, Free website builder tool, Pre-installed Hit Counter, FormMail, and Site Search Engine, Multi-lingual online Control Panel, SSL, and more premium plans. 30 day money back guarantee.

wrc-uk.com ***

$7.50 (£5)/mth
Setup: See web site
Bluedomino Webhosting 50 MB Hosting, 25 Pop E-Mails, 2 Gigabytes Data Transfer, $300 of CoffeeCup website software free, and more premium plans.

Bluedomino.com ***

Setup: Free
Unlimited Web Hosting! 300 MB Hosting, Unlimited Pop E-Mails, Unlimited Gigabytes Data Transfer, FrontPage 2002 Extentions, CGI, Shared SSL Access, Unix or Windows, Search Engine Submission (FREE for 90 days), 30 day money back guarantee.

Catalog.com ****

$8.29/mo. Limited time
Setup: Free
Yahoo! Web Hosting 50 MB Hosting, 10 Business E-Mails, 20 Gigabytes Data Transfer, Flexible design options and automated backup and restore functionality, and more premium plans.

Yahoo.com ****

Setup: $25.00
Web Site Hosting 50 MB Hosting, 50 POP3 E-Mails, 2.5 Gigabytes Data Transfer, Shared SSL, Sql, CGI, Perl, and more premium plans. Visit HostRocket Web hosting! 14 day money back guarantee. 99.5% uptime.

Vianetworks.net ***

Setup: $50.00
Personal web hosting, 50 MB storage, 5 POP 3 Emails, FrontPage Exts., PHP Scripting, Perl (CGI-BIN)
Server Side Includes (SSI), 2 Gigabytes Data Transfer.

Netfirms.com ****

$4.95/month/1 yr. pay
Setup: See web site
Affordable Web Hosting 55 MB Hosting, 10 Pop3 E-Mails, 1 Gig Transfer, State-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), SSH, Nightly backup, Frontpage Ext., and more premium plans. 30 day money back guarantee.

Backboneinternet.com ***

Setup: Free
ISPserver 1000 MB Hosting, Unlimited Pop3 E-Mails & FTP, 30 Gigabytes Data Transfer, Apache 1.3.xx (last) webserver, PHP 4, Management of your DNS on your Virtual Server, MySQL server, PostgreSQL server, InterBaseSQL server, FrontPage 2002 extensions, and more premium plans.

ISPserver.com ***

Setup: See web site
Hypermart offers Premier Hosting! 75 MB Hosting, Unlimited Pop E-Mails & FTP, 1.5 Gigabytes Data Transfer, Free Sitebuilder, MS FrontPage 2002 Extensions, Unlimited CGI Scripting, Ad-free site, Toll-Free Customer Service, Save over 15% on a yearly package and more premium plans.

Hypermart.net ***

Setup: See web site
100 MB Hosting, 5 Pop3 E-Mails, 1 FTP account, 1 Gigabytes Data Transfer, Perl 5 CGI, WAP/WML Support, CGI Bin and SSI, MDAC 2.7, ADO 2.6, Microsoft XML 4.0, and more premium plans. 30 day money back guarantee.


£ 8.95/month
Setup: Free
50 MB Hosting, 5 Pop E-Mails, 3 Gigabytes Data Transfer, FrontPage 2000 Extentions, Shared SSL Access, and more premium plans.

DellHost.com ****

Setup: Free on shared hosting


Note: Prices are provided by our affiliate merchants. We have no responsibility for accuracy of price information provided by our affiliates. Please inform us to any pricing discrepancies and we will update our links and the affiliate merchants. You should confirm original plans for prices, local tax and shipping costs while visiting our affiliate stores.


  NetZero ISP Comparison
NetZero Internet Access - Sign up for $9.95 Platinum Internet Service
  • No Banner Ads
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Fast Page Loads
  • Reliable Connections
  • Surf up to 5 times faster through your existing phone jack ††
    Service Comparison NetZeroAOLEarthLinkMSNAT&T1SBC /
    Monthly Access Cost$9.95$23.90 $21.95$21.95$16.95$15.95
    NetZero Saves You-58%54%54%41%37%
    Account Features
    2-Minute Online DownloadYesNoNoNoNoNo
    Answer Phone Calls and Remain Online (V.92)Yes4No3NoNo2NoNo
    Personalized E-mail AddressYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Web Based E-mailYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Content-Rich StartpageYesYesYesYesYesYes
    †  Excludes Alaska

    1 = AT&T service is limited to 150 hours at $16.95 per month. Unlimited service is available at $21.95 per month.
    2 = MSN 8.0 provides a call alert service that indicates a call is incoming at no additional charge.
    3 = AOL 8.0 provides a call alert service that indicates a call is incoming for an additional charge of $3.95 per month.
    4 = Requires V.92 access number, V.92 modem, compatible modem-on-hold software and call waiting service. V.92 access numbers not available in all NetZero service areas.

    Please note that, depending on the numbers you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges in excess of your local service charges on your telephone bill. To find out whether or not you will incur any charges, and if so, the amounts of such charges, please contact your local telephone company. You will be responsible for all such charges incurred. Live technical support available for a fee of $1.95/min. (or in certain areas, $14.95/call) effective May 1, 2003 $2.95 CDN/min in Canada. NetZero reserves the right to impose additional hourly usage limitations. See Terms of Service for details. Service not available in all areas. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices in U.S. dollars.

    †† NetZero HiSpeed does not increase the transmission speed of files or attachments, including music or video. NetZero HiSpeed accelerates certain web page text and graphics when compared to standard dial-up Internet service. Actual results may vary. Some web pages such as secure or encrypted web pages will not be accelerated. NetZero HiSpeed is not a broadband service and actual data transmission rates are not faster than standard dial-up Internet service. Transmission of files including, without limitation, streaming audio or video, digital photographs, MP3 or other music files, executable files and other downloads, is not faster using NetZero HiSpeed than with standard dial-up service. NetZero HiSpeed may not be compatible with proxy based software or services such as content filters or firewalls. NetZero HiSpeed is only compatible with Platinum service and specified browsers. Not available for Mac.

    ©2000 - 2003 NetZero, Inc. NetZero is a registered trademark, and the NetZero logo is a trademark of NetZero, Inc.


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