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CHILD - $2.95 With Coupon, CONDE NAST TRAVELER - $2.95 With Coupon, DISCOVER - $2.95 With Coupon, ELECTRONIC HOUSE - $2.95 With Coupon, FAMILY CIRCLE - $2.95 With Coupon, FAMILY FUN - $2.95 With Coupon, FAST COMPANY - $2.95 With Coupon, FIELD & STREAM - $2.95 With Coupon, FITNESS - $2.95 With Coupon, FLY ROD & REEL - $2.95 With Coupon, GOLF MAGAZINE - $2.95 With Coupon, INC. MAGAZINE - $2.95 With Coupon, INTERVIEW - $2.95 With Coupon, JANE - $2.95 With Coupon, LATINA - $2.95 With Coupon, Maxim - $2.95 With Coupon, MEN'S JOURNAL - $2.95 With Coupon, MODERN BRIDE - $2.95 With Coupon, MOTORBOATING - $2.95 With Coupon, MUSCLE & FITNESS - $2.95 With Coupon, OUTDOOR LIFE - $2.95 With Coupon, PARENTING - $2.95 With Coupon, PARENTS - $2.95 With Coupon, POPULAR SCIENCE - $2.95 With Coupon, PREMIERE - $2.95 With Coupon, RAZOR (MEN'S LIFESTYLE) - $2.95 With Coupon, ROLLING STONE - $2.95 With Coupon, SELF - $2.95 With Coupon, SHAPE - $2.95 With Coupon, SPIN MAGAZINE - $2.95 With Coupon, STUFF - $2.95 With Coupon, VIBE - $2.95 With Coupon, WIRED - $2.95 With Coupon, WORKING MOTHER - $2.95 With Coupon, YACHTING - $2.95 With Coupon


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