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  1. NASA Astronaut Application
    The Space Store began as a hobby in May of 1997 for Houston rock and roll disc jockey, Dayna Steele Justiz. From those humble beginnings in the basement of the Justiz family home, with her sons acting as the official 'toy testers', The Space Store has grown to be the largest space-related retail website in the Universe. Featuring over 500 quality products from a $.50 NASA Pencil to a $20 million ride to the International Space Station, The Space Store is recognized worldwide for not only our great selection of products, but also for our high standards of customer service. Astronaut Autographs NASA Website Links NASA Store Gift Certificates
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    As with all nutritional and dietary supplements, check with your health care advisor before taking. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sweet Release™ urges common sense caution: protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted disease.
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